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Well I am not preparing for a burn. I missed a hot party Friday night for lack of a sitter - and then my old sitter came though town and came to have dinner. She was like family and was with us for five or six years. Made kebobs - simple and yummy. Seeing her again was nice - for me and the cub - not a snazzy party, but important.

I inadvertently hosted a huge con party back in May, but that was an aberration.

Today, I have realized, is my new normal. Did a panel at SIEGE in the morning (blew off church, but God will understand)

Next was a quick stop at the barn to give "my" poor mare some sweet feed. The guys who usually feed don't work Sunday, so usually the ponies go without grain. They are out in pastures so they get grass, even if not much is left this time of year. But my pet is dying of the same kind of cancer they cut off my foot in August, so I don't like her going without grain even one day. And it gave me a chance to dress the gross, oozing wound on her hip. None of this changes the outcome for her. But I feel like I need to do what I can to make her last days as comfortable as I can.

Next was cooking like crazy and getting all set up for cub scout pot luck dinner at the house. If you had told me a few years ago I would have parents and scouts all over the house eating random casseroles and cookies, i would have thought you were smoking crack. Who knew?

So...not real exciting sexy stuff. But I feel good about it. I am not working full time because I thought it was important to be able to spend more time being mom. And being mom means scouts. And cookies.

I still miss con parties and movies and restaurants and such. But it is ok. These things that I am doing matter. And I am happy with that. In fact, I am happy.

Who knew?
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The school applications for the cub which have been hanging over my head are finally DONE! I even finished today before he got home from his playdate with his dad.

I am way too braindead to do anything else on my to do list, including - perhaps *especially* - drilling a hole in my pinewood derby car.

That may require explanation. I indeed do have my own chunk of wood with wheels to enter in this year's cub scout races. I have read a bunch of stuff that is supposed to make pinewood derby cars go relly fast, but neither the cub nor I have any particular faith in my woodworking skills, so his car is our standard and boring set up (but with a super cool glittery snake on the hood!). Mine is the experimental car. Which requires the use of a power drill. Brrrr. is too early for bed. But once I read the cub his bedtime story....what is a brain dead girl to do?

In a previous life, the fact that it is Saturday would suggest any number of answers....but here in the Mom Zone....
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Well I have to admit I haven't been back here for awhile.  I've been staying off of facebook too mostly, but for different reasons (I really don't like facebook).  Anyway, I do kinda have something to say....

"Friends, it is with regret that I announce that, effective immediately, I am stepping down as a director of POC.  I  have been honored by the incredible amount of work and loyalty my staff has shown and I have made some good friends in the past four years.  I’ll miss my poc-friends a lot, but personal considerations have compelled me to take this step.  I wish you all the best." 

yeah, I'm not happy.  But it was the only palatable choice.
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snow days

I know I tend to be overextended and run around much too much trying to get everything under the sun done (page proofs?  yeah, don't ask, I'll get to them any minute now, really) - but this week has pretty much forced me to stop.  And I gotta say I like it.

If you'd asked me, I'd've said that a week of not going anywhere or seeing anyone would drive me and the cub absolutely bugshit. 

I'd've been wrong.  We've had a blast.  We played in the snow.  Then the ice (less fun).   I admit he's watched more dinosaur shows than I'd usually allow, but an extra hour or so won't kill him - and hell, it is legitimately educational (and a NICE change from his recent viewing choices of mindless drivel).  And I got a nap.  And a few emails answered.  And some laundry done, but no real work - no boxes unpacked, no billable hours, just kinda down time with the cub.  Even the crazy dog  has kind of gone along with the low key approach, although he and the cub both still get some fresh air and exercise or all hell would break loose - the dog can't play wii, but the cub enjoys having the dog agility course set up in the rec room (two birds, one stone!)

It's been a great week.

Who'd'a thunk it?

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New Rule

Universe, please take note:  from now on, when (1) I am operating on a six month serious sleep deficit,  (2) the weather turns nasty so I am thinking "stocking up for winter" squirrel sort of thoughts (3) I just went to the bank and have a chunk of cash in my wallet,  and (4) I am craving rare red meat in a big bad way, It is  NOT  (repeat NOT) fair to send a door to door steak salesman (with fish and free range chicken too) to my door.  Especially one who looks frighteningly like a boy from the past who totally helped me get my mojo back a few years ago - and who I remember, well...fondly. I didn't really NEED any more food in the freezer.   And I"m pretty sure the costco frozen chicken is just as good.

so.  seriously.  NOT FAIR -- don't do it again.

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So this year, I fought Spiderman enough *before* he bolted that he bucked me  off  and THEN ran like a derby contender across the polo field.  

The impact still hurt, but MUCH MUCH less.  I didn't even pass out this time.  And I gotta say I enjoyed watching him run - what  a beautiful (albeit insane) beast.   And seeing that much speed, I am not sure why I'm not dead after being thrown from that last year.

So, I still can't seem to stay ON the horse.  But I fell with much less drama.'s like a partial victory?

next....a new plan to rehab this psycho gelding WITHOUT bouncing off the turf.

the irony:  the helmet manufacturer replaces helmets for the first 12 months (to encourage people to replace the helmets after an impact like they should).  I haven't checked my sale record, but I'm pretty sure I bought this helmet 13 months ago.  sigh.


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(no subject)

I just hit send on the last of the chapters for the print section of the book.  Next is finishing off the Teacher's manual and the "Student Self Assessment Tool"  (aka "the answer book").   Yeah.  I'm behind schedule.  But so far the editor has been very supportive and seems to like the product enough that he isn't being too pushy about the deadline. 

Now to push through the rest of it - because I REALLY REALLY need to sleep more than five hours a night.

My goal is Thanksgiving.  It could happen.  And then I can turn my attention to important things like Christmas Cookies.  (the new oven is TINY - but my good cookie sheets do fit.  who knew ovens came in sizes?)

wish me luck.    YAWN.
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Can I Sleep Now?

I just hit SEND.   If the email didn't swallow it, my editor has ten chapters of text book.  Not completely done.  (bad me)  But mostly.  Just a few things to tweak add and polish.  But the vast bulk of it is DONE.

or at least done untl the editor says..."well, what we really would like to see here is...."

so, what is it I'm speaking on at Dragon?  hmmm.....  (kidding, Scott, really, I'm just kidding)(mostly)

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